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Where Do We Come From

Twenty (20) complete years ago, Eastwind Christian Outreach International (ECHO) was born, precisely on the 17th April 1996, when the Lord Jesus visited Apostle Trice Shumbusho at her home in Kigali, Rwanda at around 9:00 pm. Although she was overwhelmed by God’s presence and frightened by the loud and fierce voice, she could hear clearly and later remember well what the Lord Jesus said. “Those who diligently seek me will see me, but they must  remove their shoes.”

On 21st April 1996, Apostle Trice was taken to a place she later described as “the most holy place” where she heard the voice of the Lord Jesus saying, “What you see, what you feel, what’s happening to you, you must tell people around you and people from far away. Say it on TV!!”

Again on the 9th May 1996, the Lord Jesus visited Apostle Trice and gave her specific instructions concerning her husband John Shumbusho. Jesus spoke about several countries where Trice and John would serve, especially Tanzania in East Africa.

During the visitation Jesus gave Apostle Trice a special message for the United States, saying, “I have blessed America with unusual wealth, knowledge and power, but some of the things they do not please me (but I am not happy with some of the things they do). I will raise up someone who will turn their hearts back to me. “

20 years have passed since God visited her servant, giving her a vision, and the vision has become clearer as her servant becomes closer to Him. Jesus has proved himself faithful to His Word.

Our Vision

The Vision is to seek God to bring a positive change or impact in Nations “Seeking God to Impact Nations”. We are now well established in Arusha, capital city of East Africa, with a name and fast growing church with a membership covering about 20 nations and having an impact in many lives with the seed of:

Prayer and Word


Prophetic Utterance

Worldwide Apostolic Release



Impacting Nations

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