The Significance Of Family Ministry

Families are one of the most significant contexts of Christian discipleship. They originated from the mind of God, and God has a purpose and a calling for each family.

However, for many of us learning to live justly and lovingly with our family members is one of the most difficult Christian disciplines. Many are finding it extremely difficult to reach beyond the bonds of family and to live the good news of the gospel.

There is a good bit of evidence that the families of the 20th century are “breaking up.” The divorce rate in our generation is higher than at any previous time in history. Although the climb in the statistics has not leveled off, we are still on a very high and disturbing plateau. We are living in a time of great marital discord and family disintegration. The enemy has made destruction of families his priority. The Marriage institution is like a besieged fortress, enemy within and enemy without equipped with sophisticated as well as camouflaged but dangerous weapons all directed towards families.

God intended for the family to be the basic unit in society. A casual view of history reveals that as go marriages, so goes the family; as go families, so goes the community; as go communities, so goes the nation; as go nations, so goes civilization and generation.

The church bears the responsibility to nurture the family since the quality of family life also has a powerful impact on the believability of the gospel message. A healthy marriage means a healthy church and a healthy church means a healthy marriage. The two are interdependent.

To do this the Family ministry needs to be transformed. Hence the Family ministry in Zion City church will seek to achieve the following;

  1. Equip husband and wives with necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them adequately deal with existing and emerging challenges based on Christian values and principles.
  2. Ensure increased accountability in the family through accountability relationships.
  3. Raise opportunities for family healing restoration and promotion in light of Gods purpose/will for families
  4. Making families create conducive environment where children grows to become all God intend for them.


1. Facilitate periodic forums for husband and wives to do the following;

  • Share experiences
  • Peer to peer counseling
  • Training for skills in order to handle pertinent issues
  • Fellowship and relaxation
2. organize couples groups based on various parameters for increased accountability


Monthly/ Annual Activities

  1. Monthly couples meetings( suggested day is every last Friday of the month)
  2. Single Parents monthly meetings
  3. Couples outings for fellowship and training
  4. couples bible studies based on different groups
  5. Training of TOTs for family groups
  6. Parents and children meetings
  7. Developing and adopting family training modules


Expected Results and indicators of Success

  • Trained TOT running family forums
  • Family healing and Reconciliations
  • Increased families participation in the church
  • Accountability groups
  • Family Cell groups
  • Family bible study materials

The direction of Family Ministry in 2015

2015 Training Themes, FIVE C’s of Strong Families

  • January – CONSECRATION
  • February – CONSECRATION
  • September – COMMITMENT
  • October – COMMITMENT
  • November – COMMUNION
  • December – COMMUNION


2015 Program for Family Ministry

Family Department Calendar