We at  our CHURCH we love to come together several times a week and just praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ. If your desire is truly to come closer to your Lord and Saviour, then you might consider joining us one Sunday morning starting from 9 a.m.

Praise and Drama Team

A teenagers praise, worship and dance-drama ministry, Praise and Drama Team was born in April 2009. It is working under Zion City Church and its purpose is 3 fold :


  • To be God’s vessels to reach out to non-believers and reactivate the spirit of deep and strong adoration in the believers’faith.
  • Inspire teenagers confidence and taste to serve the kingdom of God, by giving them the opportunity to discover that their simple movements, produce great and blessing impact in others.
  • Evangelize the world in ways that can be easily understood and sink in the heart regardless of differences in languages.


By their alternate graceful movements and vibrant decor, Praise and Drama team’s performances bring down a blissful moments of heavenly glory, whereby the Zion congregation experience such an uplifting as if taken away by the whirl of adoration and worship.