To bring people to the Lord God; to seek His face with them through Jesus-centered worship, prayer and fellowship; to disciple and empower them to change the world for Christ.



Sharing Christ with a dying world. (Matt 28:19, Luke 19:10 )
Connecting people to God and to each other.(Matt 22:37-40, Heb 3:12-13 )
Training believers in Christ to Minister to those in the church and in the community(Eph 4:11-13 )

United States of America  RICHMOND , Va
Inauguration Ceremony June 6,7, and 8, 2008
“ Back to the Divine Source”
(Luke 15:11-24 – Ruth 1:1-7)

In 2005, Apostle Trice had the opportunity of spending 5 month in Richmond , VA. It is at that time that the lord opened a large door for ministry, indeed during that time, she was able to share the world of God with many people and to baptize a good number of them. The ministry of Apostle Trice has touched and transformed the lives of so many people that the original group has now greatly expanded. Between 6 th and 8 th June ECHO organized an International Conference during which Apostle Trice Shumbusho opened the first East Wind Church in Richmond Virginia .

Since then ECHO partners in the USA have been diligently working on reaching out to several communities without discrimination. Even though ECHO has been operational for sometimes now it is during this conference that that the ministry was officially launched, with the mission of impacting and changing lives, deep in the community, with Gospel message of restoration.

Apostle Trice has been attending several speaking engagements/conferences in the country. But it is when she had the opportunity of spending five months here in 2005, that the Lord opened large doors for ministry. Indeed, during that period she was able to share the Word of God with some people who, after receiving salvation, were immediately baptized. During her subsequent visits, the group was enlarged and just last year while on a prayer retreat, the Lord spoke to her about starting a church with the group she had been discipling.

The main thrust of the ministry which the Lord is establishing in this land is to reach out to American and her people. (2 Chr. 6:14). It is to bring the nation back to God; to get the nation “Back to the Divine Source.”

For the above-stated reasons, we are inviting you at the inaugural conference which will mark the launching of Eastwind Christian Outreach (ECHO), a ministry whose mission will be to tell the American people that this is the time to go “ Back to the Divine Source .

Strategies :

  •  Prayers for the United States of America
  •  To pray for different states
  •  Back to the Divine Source (B.D.S.)  Programs
  •  B.D.S. Productions